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Support is more than just something we offer, it’s something we are passionate about. We proudly offer world-class services to more than 90 countries around the globe with a team that truly partners with you to support all of your service needs, both pre and post-sale. In the end, our goal is to keep your facility operating at maximum capacity with little equipment downtime.

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Net Promoter Score 

Net Promoter Score has become the worldwide standard for organizations to measure success via direct feedback from their customers. NPS gauges loyalty and satisfaction by finding out whether customers are taking the time to say positive things about a company or brand(s). The NPS is based on customers’ direct feedback to a simple question and can range from -100 to +100. A positive NPS score is considered good and indicative of customers who are likely to both repurchase and refer.


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Core Connect

Get world class support for all of our brands with our Core Connect portal, a platform that simplifies the process for warranty registration, preventive maintenance, service requests, parts orders and allows you to get help with your general inquiries. 

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Preventative Maintenance:  

A preventative maintenance program is at the core of any well-run facility. Give yourself the confidence that your equipment will continue to run as well as the first day you bought it by investing in a preventative maintenance agreement. CORE Advantage will help preserve your equipment as excessive use takes its toll and will ensure the longest possible life of your products while reducing downtime. We offer preventative maintenance programs for all aspects of gym equipment, in every category and for every Core Health & Fitness brand. CORE Advantage provides the industry’s most complete programs; including one-time, semi-annual, and quarterly options.

Core Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance:

• Controlled Maintenance costs

• Lower annual Maintenance Costs

• Less Down Time

• Maintain product Value

• Improve Customer Satisfaction

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