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The NEW Nautilus Freedom Trainer is so simple, intuitive and natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user.  This cable-based machine offers user-defined path of motion, intuitive lock-n-load dual weight stacks and is wheelchair accessible. It is ideal for functional training and occupies a mere 9.5 FT (290 CM) training space.

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Nautilus Humansport

These seven cable based machines with dual weight stacks provide a complete range of workouts for total body training. When paired with the provided programming designed by our Master Trainers, HumanSport makes a powerful addition to any facility.

Save up to 40% when purchasing the full HumanSport circuit featuring the new Freedom Trainer. Plus receive access to our new HumanSport Specialist training.

Nautilus HumanSport


ROI with small group training

Looking to maximize your small group training revenue? Download our HumanSport ROI Calculator and find out how small group training can be a new source of revenue for your facility.

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