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Redefine Performance

The FreeRunner™ treadmill is a revolutionary new indoor running experience. The heart of this new experience is the patent-pending HexDeck System, featuring an aluminum deck supported by a proprietary, hexagonal polymer suspension system. The result is unprecedented cushion and responsiveness, for a feel that test users describe as “easy on the joints” and “like running on a track.”

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Don't just take our word for it see how we have redefined performance on a treadmill. Read our blog on how "Performance is about doing More."

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When you set out to build something, the finished product is only as strong as its foundation. At Core Health & Fitness we aim to provide our partners a foundation backed by the strongest brands in the industry. Four iconic brands that pioneered entire categories, and whose machines are still the ones members ask for by name. Today, we’re committed to building on that legacy by providing the best products and programs in every category – and that’s greatness you can feel good about building on.

"As I tire while running I tend to sit back in my hips and heels and often times that creates issues with soreness and fatigue in my run and in days to follow, on the FreeRunner I didn’t experience this fatigue or soreness during my run or in the days to follow, which has significantly improved my training and recovery!”

Sonja Friend – Uhl

USATF Elite Runner & Coach